Kultura Doma
About Siesta Cloud
Siesta Cloud is a multipurpose platform for business in the service sector. One of its main domain is the management of services, while the second is generator of web portals. On these, all the data from Siesta Cloud can be displayed in the form of events and offers and subsequently can be sold to customers and web visitors.
Kultura Doma is one of these portals.
The platform offers many functions like payment gate, automatic distribution of financial means, connection to the distribution systems of third parties, linkage to online travel agencies, connection to manager systems, affiliate programs and others.


Architecture of this platform is made to be multi-functional while facilitating the collaboration of various subjects. The main feature is the shared inventory of services, so called functionality which enables the cross-selling of services on multiple portals at the same time. The aim of the platform is to provide convenient tools and fair environment for all subjects involved in the ecosystem.
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